• Experiential and Sensorial Opportunities

    Science Center (student directed)
    Science Experiments (teacher directed)
    Sensory Tables (changed weekly according to theme
  • Expanded Outdoor Exploration

    Trikes and Helmets
    Balance Beam
    Slides and Climbing Structure
    Frisbees, Hoola Hoops, and Sidewalk Chalk
  • Pre-Academic Skills

    Letter of the Week
    Shapes and Colors
    Number of the Week
    Opportunities to develop and strengthen Fine Motor Skills
    Social Skills- sharing, taking turns, following a schedule
    Self Help Skills- zipping, tying shoes, carrying backpacks
  • Movement/ Play Portion

    Themed Centers
    o Dramatic Play
    o Science Center
    o Writing Center
    o Sensory Table
  • Movement/Play Portion Continued

    Listening Center
    Block/Building Center
    Magnetic Board
  • Music

    Children play instruments
    Pitch (high singing voice, low singing voice)
    Move to the beat of the song
    Children are introduced to new instruments (step bells, rain stick, ukulele, harpsichord, etc.)
    Sing monthly for Adult Bible Study
    Sing for church services throughout the school year
    Preschool Sunday Singing, Christmas Program, End of the School Year Program
  • Chapel

    George the Friendly Lion Puppet visits weekly
    Pastor Parvey shares his faith with the children through weekly bible stories
    Learn and sing songs to praise our Lord
    Dancing and actions to songs for movement opportunities
    Weekly offering for various types of charity organizations in our community (Least of These, Turkey Drive, etc.)

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