Mission Statement:

Sharing God’s love with the visually impaired through Christian Fellowship, Friendship, and Acceptance, thus breaking the sense of isolation and loneliness.The center meets every third Thursday of the month, unless otherwise announced, for free dinner, devotion, program, and prayer requests. It is a community-wide ministry open to all denominations. If you are interested in attending or would like more information concerning the center, please fill out the Contact Form or you may call the church office at 881-5470

  • January 21st

    February 18th

    March 17th

    April 21st

    May 19th

    June 16th

    JULY and AUGUST No Monthly Blind Meeting

    September 17th Picnic

    October 20th

    November 17th

    December 15th

  • The purpose of these materials is to serve the blind.

    If you are interested in having a personal copy of these materials, they are available from the following resources: Aurora Ministries, Lutheran Braille International, and Lutheran Blind Missions.

    Materials may be checked out for up to 60 days. Use the Library Topics Link to review a list of available materials and then fillout the Check-Out Form at the bottom of the page to request materials.

    You may pick up requested items at the next NICS Blind Outreach meeting. Please return materials to the librarian at the next NICS Blind Outreach meeting or when 60 days have passed.

    Individuals with overdue materials will be contacted by the Librarian.

    You may also return materials to the church office during the week. When dropping materials off at the church office make sure to include your name with the materials. This will make it possible to check these items on our library ledger and give you credit for returning materials. If you have any questions, please contact the librarian at one of our meetings.

    NICS Blind Ministry Library

    The library materials are divided into 3 sections:

    1. Print Files: consisting of the Bible in Large Print and Braille, Bible Studies, Blind Topics, and Music.

    2. Audio Files: consisting of Bible Studies, Blind Topics, Music and Past Blind Program Events.

    3. Video Files: consisting of The Holy Bible and Kids Bible, Essays of Blind People and Outreach Centers by Lutheran Blind Missions.

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