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Redeemer Lutheran Church is a loving and caring group of Lutherans gathered in Southwest Missouri.  Redeemer worships in two different locations.  Redeemer Springfield is located near the corner of Campbell Avenue and Battlefield Road.  Redeemer Nixa is on the west side of Nixa on Mt. Vernon Street about eight miles south of the Redeemer Springfield location. Redeemer is a member of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and one of nearly 200 Lutheran Churches in Missouri.

Our church was begun in 1961 as a mission start of Trinity Lutheran Church of Springfield. It has provided Lutheran Education since the fall of 1979.  Redeemer is a fun and exciting place filled with people of many different styles and attitudes.  We are daily growing together in our love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Redeemer has more than 2000 members and worships between 800 and 1000 on most weeks. These two worship centers offer five worship services on Sundays and together form one church, Redeemer. The watch words for Redeemer are Growing, Caring, and Sharing.


Redeemer provides many different opportunities to grow in God’s Word through Bible studies, small groups, Sunday school and the ministry of Springfield Lutheran School.


We have caring ministries to support the people in both our church and our communities. Stephen Ministry provides one-to-one support and caring for members of our community. Members work monthly at local food pantries and other community caring organizations. Members of Redeemer are involved in both Blind Ministry and the Lutheran Student Center as part of our Caring Outreach.


Redeemer members are encouraged to share their faith-walk with friends, relatives, co-workers and people they come in contact with in their daily lives.  Redeemer hosts events like Vacation Bible school to encourage participation by non-church families. Redeemer has been active in many foreign missions by building churches in Brazil and supporting missionaries around the world.


Redeemer is a church with you in mind.  We are always interested in you and your needs and concerns.  For more information about our ministries contact one of our pastors, Jeff Sippy or Adam Parvey, or any of our other staff members. We welcome you to any or all of our worship and ministry opportunities at Redeemer.

  • Nixa Campus
    911 W. Mount Vernon
    Nixa, MO 65714

    Springfield Campus
    2852 S. Dayton Ave.
    Springfield, MO 65807

  • Nixa Campus: 8:00, 10:45
    9:30 Sunday School
    Springfield Campus: 8:00, 10:45 Praise Service, 5:00pm
    9:30 Sunday School
  • What Lutherans Believe

    • Eternal life is offered as a free gift from God to all who turn from false beliefs and self efforts and place their faith in Jesus Christ.

    • Jesus Christ, true God and true man, lived a perfect and holy life for us, shed His blood for us on the cross to atone for our sins, and rose from the grave on the third day declaring His victory over Satan and the grave for us.

    • There is one true God who reveals Himself in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. God is three distinct persons who share the one divine essence.

    • God is eternal and created all things.

    • Humanity was created perfect by God in His image. The human race fell away from God and is now by nature unable to please God or come to Him on our own. We need the salvation God provided in Jesus Christ to be right with God again.

    • God works and strengthens faith in the hearts of people by the power of the good news or Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is proclaimed and/or connected with Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

    • We believe that Jesus gives His very body and blood with the bread and wine in the Lord’s Supper. Those who partake of Holy Communion repentant of their sins, trusting in Jesus as their Savior, believing in His real presence in what they receive with their mouths and desiring God’s help to overcome sin will receive Christ for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

    • The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are reliable as the true word of God and without error in their original autographs. The Scriptures are our sole reliable source for knowing who God is, for true faith and for Christian life.

    • Jesus Christ will return and the world as we know it will end on the same day. God will raise all the dead and create a new heaven and new earth. Those who believe in Jesus as Savior will live perfect with God forever. Those who do not trust in Jesus will suffer away from God forever.

    • God has directed the church (all believers in Christ) on earth to share the Gospel with all people because God desires all come to know and believe in Jesus Christ and thereby have the free gift of eternal life.
  • What do Christians Believe?

    • Central to the Christian faith are the historical events of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

    • Christians believe there is one true and eternal God who has revealed Himself as three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (see * below)

    • Christians believe that God the Son became fully human in the person of Jesus Christ.

    • As both God and man Jesus bridged the gap between humanity and God. Jesus lived a perfect life according to God’s rules. Jesus was able to die as the substitute for all humanity’s guilt thereby satisfying God’s wrath. He then rose from the dead to never die again showing that his death was the permanent payment for the sins of all people.

    • Everyone who confesses they are unable to please God on their own (repentance) and believe Jesus’ death was for them (faith) are assured of eternal life with God as a free gift

    What makes Christianity different from religions?

    • Christians base their beliefs on the actions of God in history as recorded in the books of the Bible by eyewitnesses or those who recorded the words of eyewitnesses.

    • Christians see themselves in relationship with God rather than merely believing things about a deity. This relationship grows as a person feeds on God’s Word.

    • Christians worship God and seek to do His will but not as efforts to satisfy the will of a deity to earn favor. Christians willingly worship and desire to serve God in thanks for the free gifts of forgiveness and eternal life God has already secured for them.

    How does a person become a Christian?

    • First hear or read the message that God gave Jesus Christ, who died and rose, as the once and for all sacrifice for the sins of all people. In your inner self (heart) turn from trust in your own deeds or self to please God (repentance) and place your full hope for God’s acceptance in Jesus Christ (faith).

    • A person might pray something like this: “Dear God, I surrender myself to you. Please forgive me of my sins because I now want to trust Jesus as the one you sent to die for me. I want the new life you promise in Jesus. Amen.”

    • God promises that from the moment a person turns from self (repents) and places their hope for eternal life in Jesus Christ they pass from deserving eternal death to having eternal life.

    How will a person’s life change when they become a Christian?

    • The first response of faith is the desire to worship God. Worship is both praising and thanking God for His gifts on one’s own and gathering with other Christians to pray, praise God and hear His word.

    • The Christian knows God forgives all his/her sins but does not want to continue in behaviors and patterns that are not pleasing to God. The Christian desires to please God in thanks for what Jesus has done for us and wants to stop doing what is wrong and fill their life with what is good. The Christian seeks God’s Word for direction and His power to help change.

    • After becoming a Christian a person sees God’s rules in a new light. Instead of a bunch of dos and don’ts that limit the fun in life, God’s law now is seen as a guide for a better life.

    * One God who reveals Himself as three persons?
    Some would accuse Christians as believing in three gods. They would say adding up the Father, Son and Holy Spirit equals 3. 1+1+1=3. Christians understand that God’s full nature is a mystery to the human mind. God reveals Himself as three persons and also clearly says He is one. It might be thought of like this 1x1x1=1.

Springfield Campus

Nixa Campus

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